We intend to source and distribute the best products for our customers, while simultaneously working to protect our environment, secure our supply chain and promote the wellbeing of the global community in which we operate.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by considering our actions and working with customers and suppliers to develop and implement solutions. Being ISO 14001 accredited (an international standard for design and implementation of effective environmental management systems) and an active member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School shows our long-standing commitment to being an environmentally conscious business.

Our 2020 Sustainability Report is out now and focuses on sustainability in three forms; Planet, People and Sustainability Through Safety.

Our Approach to Sustainability

We have identified our major environmental impacts as:

 • Fuel consumption related to the transport of products to customers

• On-site energy consumption

• On-site waste management (predominantly transit packaging)

However, we are also aware of the impact our products can have on the environment and our Exclusive Brand products and services have changed to reduce their impact on the environment.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

At Bunzl Greenham, our total Scope 1 & 2 emissions have fallen by 37.6% since 2017.

The majority of our Scope 1 emissions come from fuel used for our commercial and company vehicles, however, this has fallen year-on-year since 2017.

 As you can see, our carbon emission intensity fell by 34% from 2019-2020:

The majority of our Scope 1 emissions come from fuel used for our commercial and company vehicles, however, this has fallen year on year since 2017. We are working on ways we can continue to drive emissions reductions throughout our operations, some of which are detailed below.

Collaborating for Carbon Emissions Reduction

We are now able to offer our customers the opportunity to participate in a Carbon Offsetting Service to offset the emissions associated with their deliveries through verified schemes in conjunction with using a CO2 Delivery Calculator. This makes the deliveries from our Service Centres to customer sites carbon neutral to improve the efficiency of our service and support our customers’ sustainability strategies. Using our CO2 Delivery Calculator, we can apportion our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to participating customers and forecast the impact of working together on our carbon footprint.

We already work with customers to encourage placing fewer large orders, rather than lots of small orders, which helps to reduce the emissions associated with fulfilling those orders from our Service Centres and our fleet.

However, the Carbon Offsetting Service enables us to improve our operational efficiency, reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and to account for emissions we are currently unable to remove by conditionally offsetting customer delivery emissions following a commitment to create smart ordering profiles and require fewer deliveries.

Fuel Consumption

Our fuel consumption has fallen 44.4% since 2011, seeing a 13.2% reduction from 2019, due to changes in customer behaviour and the use of telematics.

We utilise vehicle telematics and route optimisation system called Verizon Connect throughout our fleet to plan efficient delivery routes. We work with customers to create smarter ordering profiles by minimising the number of small orders placed, which aids the reduction of CO2 emissions associated with our deliveries. The vehicle telematics enables us to rank drivers’ in order of fuel efficiency, which we then use to encourage more efficient driving through financial incentives. We have also seen an increase in fuel efficiency as a result of driver training and in-cab driving feedback to improve our drivers’ driving styles and behaviour.

We regularly renew our fleet to ensure our operations continue to make use of improvements in emissions and efficiency technology. In some cases, we now use third party carriers for deliveries where it is more cost-effective, whilst continuing to invest in innovative ways we can reduce our fuel consumption. We now have two 18 tonne HGVs fitted with solar film matting to power the tail lift and in-cab comforts, which removes the need for the vehicle to be kept idling when making a delivery. This solar film matting could help us see a 5% improvement in fuel economy, lowering CO2 emissions by up to 4 tonnes per vehicle each year.

Energy Consumption

We have seen a reduction in gas and electric consumption with a 31.6% overall reduction from 2011 to 2020.

Across our Service Centres, we have continued to implement measures that reduce electricity consumption including the installation of LED lighting with PIR sensors to minimise electricity usage where there is sufficient time left on the building lease. We also work to make sure our new Service Centres make the most of natural light and meet higher energy efficiency standards. At Service Centres now fitted with LEDs, we have seen a 50% reduction in electricity consumption.

We are required to report the emissions from our electricity (Scope 2) based on the average energy mix in the UK national grid, however, we buy electricity with the guaranteed origin which means we are also able to report on the actual emissions from our supplier.

Our 100% renewably sourced electricity comes from a mix from solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass at 0g CO2 per kWh!


Our use of water is primarily confined to workplace cleaning and hygiene purposes. As such, our direct water use and related emissions are minimal but we continue to install dual flush toilets in new facilities and retrofit Cistermiser and Hippo Bricks.

An area we can make a difference is through the products we offer. We have a range of solutions that ensure water is only used when it is needed at point-of-use and a number of safety products that use less water over their life cycle. Examples include; Pulsar workwear, uvex earplugs, Cleanline Chlorine Tablets, and the Cleanline Concentrate ranges. 


We work with customers and suppliers to promote waste reduction through the elimination of transit packaging. We seek to identify opportunities to substitute to more environmentally friendly packaging with new developments in materials; most recently we have been reviewing the packaging across our Exclusive Brand product categories to find ways to minimise single-use plastic packaging (including swing tickets and the plastic slip) where possible but continue to supply products with all the necessary information and in good condition. We also make use of inbound packaging for outbound deliveries so fewer new boxes are required.

In 2020, we diverted 97% of our waste from landfill and we bale all of our plastic and cardboard waste to be recycled. We are continually looking for better ways to prevent waste from going to landfill. We have been offering our customers a PPE Recycling service to ensure their old PPE is diverted from landfill. In 2020, we sent 13.6 tonnes of retired PPE to be securely destroyed and used as refuse-derived-fuel.

We also work with Community Wood Recycling, who collect our wooden pallets for reuse and recycling. CWR work to support the circular economy by taking disused wood and finding the most appropriate route for the material, either upcycling the wood into new products, processing it into firewood or recycling it into woodchip. This way, all of the wood collected is able to re-enter the supply chain. As well as saving resources, the Community Wood Recycling scheme helps change lives too; in 2019 they provided training and work opportunities for over 850 local unemployed people and created 238 jobs. Over the course of 2020, CWR rescued 69 tonnes of Greenham’s waste wood, which supported the creation of 1 paid job and the training of 1.4 people.

As a group, Bunzl Plc makes stock donations throughout the year, which prevents retired lines from going to waste. At Greenham, these donations are made to local causes, where it can help to support charities near our Service Centres. In 2020, stock donations were made to a number of charities including the RSPCA and homeless charities St Mungo’s and Crawley Open House.


All our employees can take one day’s paid leave for voluntary work to support a cause of their choice; this could be going to a local school, spending a day with our Charity of the Year or supporting any other charitable event/cause they choose. Across our 650 team members, 5112 hours of action can be utilised every year.

To continue to support the local communities of our Service Centre network, we endeavour to ensure local people are given opportunities to fill vacancies in our Service Centres. We also support the long-term unemployed to help gain back confidence by offering: mock interview days, CV advice and work experience. In addition, we provide career days for local schools and universities and are pleased to offer Apprenticeship and Graduate schemes throughout the UK.

In addition to our chosen charity, Mates in Mind, team members commit to raising funds and helping charities, businesses and councils within our local Service Centre areas. We also support our local communities in times of need and in recent years have been able to support various local emergencies; e.g. supporting communities impacted by coronavirus by donating much needed PPE supplies.

Personal Support

Our employees have access to several benefits to support mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

The Employee Assistance Programme ensures our employees always have support available for their mental health and wellbeing, whether it’s about personal, work, relationship or family matters, daily living or life events.

Neyber is a free financial education and support service. Employees have access to affordable loans, which can be repaid straight from a team member’s salary for better financial wellbeing.

All employees have access to Hapi Benefits which gives them access to discounts from hundreds of retailers and tracks their savings.

Professional Development

Yelp is an online training portal where employees have access to thousands of online courses. They can develop their talent professionally and personally without the need to travel to training centres. Courses available vary from corporate responsibility to maths, management and sales skills.

As well as access to the latest sustainability news, as members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School we can utilise a wealth of online training resources.  The digital library contains thousands of courses with key topics including, Energy & Carbon, Air Quality, Fairness, Inclusion & Respect, Social Value, and Waste & Resource Efficiency. With sustainability as our driving force, we actively learn from the school’s resources to ensure the actions we take reflect our devotion to the environment.

Our High Potential training course is designed to help support people within the business in becoming successful future managers, teaching them all the necessary skills and undertaking workshops with existing managers from within the business. This allows employees to have a real hands-on approach that will benefit them in their future role and ultimately go towards the success of their managerial style.

FTSE4Good & Ethibel

Bunzl is proud to be included on FTSE4Good and Ethibel indices as it shows our continued commitment to sustainability

The FTSE4Good Index is a series of ethical stock market indices, started in 2001, that includes companies operating in line with certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. The index uses over 300 data points to assess companies performance across ESG practices, which allows responsible investors to understand a company’s management of ESG issues.

The Ethibel Sustainability Index measures the relevance of a company’s commitments, the efficiency of their managerial systems, their ability to manage risks and their performance on all ESG responsibility factors. The assessment is built on 3 pillars, leadership, implementation and results.

To be included on both indices shows that we see value in taking responsibility for our ESG practices.

Responsible Sourcing

We carry out regular audits on our suppliers with the support of our dedicated Quality Assurance team. The audits include checks on employees’ terms and conditions of work, customer service capabilities, hygiene management systems and their policies and practices on environmental issues. We also check our suppliers against our ISO 14001:2015 standard to include how they are working to reduce the amount of non-recyclable material in their products and packaging.

Our product options include FSC and PEFC accredited paper hygiene supplies, EU Ecolabel certified products, chemicals with responsibly sourced palm oil, materials accredited to the Global Recycled Standard and leather sourced from Leather Working Group gold-rated tanneries. This means you can use these products in the knowledge that they have been made from responsibly managed materials, ensuring these resources remain available to future generations.

Going forward, we intend to work with our supply chain to set a sustainability standard that reflects material use, production and end-of-life for every product. This will improve our ability to guide our customers to make informed decisions about sustainable product purchases.

Sustainable Products

We understand that our customers have different priorities so are always on the lookout for product innovation that will help us bring new solutions to environmental problems. The biggest issues we currently face are plastics, waste, hazardous chemicals, water and responsible sourcing.

We consider it our responsibility to offer products that make sustainable safety solutions accessible.

Our Cleanline Eco range promotes responsible consumption and production, aim to protect life on land and water, and is effective for professional use.

Now, developed to our Eco Star standard for sustainability, each product in the Cleanline Eco range must meet some or all of the sustainability criteria set in the Eco Star standard. The Eco Star standard has five sustainability pillars: production, formulation, transportation, in-use and end-of-life.

Learn about our range of environmentally friendly spill response solutions on our blog or landing page.