Quality, reliability and innovation is our passion.

These are the foundations on which the success of the PULSAR® brand has been built. Focusing on the wearers comfort whilst carrying out their daily work and only utilising compliant and reputable production facilities, PULSAR® make sure that everyone is protected from potential workplace hazards no matter what sector they work in and no matter what weather conditions.

As we begin to head into the notoriously cold and wet British winter months it is vitally important that workers across every market sector are protected to the highest possible levels whilst they are carrying out their day to day tasks. It is around this time of year where the challenging weather conditions can create very dangerous working environments.

You need to be able to trust the protective clothing you wear, and PULSAR have worked for decades to ensure they are a brand that is relied upon across the country to provide high-performance apparel with not only the highest levels of visibility and protection but also unrivalled comfort and flexibility.