Wearing a respirator for any length of time, or undertaking high intensity tasks, may result in heat and moisture build-up inside the mask. 3M™ Cool-Flow™ Fan 1040 Series is a simple, secure and innovative way to minimise the discomfort caused by heat and moisture build-up. It draws out exhaled air from the 3M™ Maintenance-Free Reusable Respirator, 4000+ Series, creating a cooling effect on your face. Protection is not compromised, and you will stay cooler for longer.

3M Respirators

Attaching simply and securely to the 3M™ Maintenance-Free Reusable Respirator, 4000+ Series, 3M™ Cool Flow™ Fan 1040 Series helps to draw heat and moisture away from your face, helping you to stay cool and focus on the task at hand. 3M™ Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Mask, 4000+ Series incorporates a newly engineered valve assembly that helps reduce exhalation-breathing resistance by over 30%*.

*Exhalation breathing resistance of 3M™ 4000+ reduced by >30% for 120 lpm peak exhalation flow and >35 % for 160 lpm compared to 3M™ 4000 Series. Results measured by 3M in 2017 under laboratory conditions.