Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies (BCHS) are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by considering our own actions and working with customers and suppliers to develop and implement solutions. We are ISO 14001 accredited, an international standard for the design and implementation of effective environmental management systems, as a key area of our Corporate Responsibility; We are also proud to hold the Gold status on the Supply Chain Sustainability School which shows our commitment to being an environmentally conscious business.

Strength Through Sustainability

We have identified our major environmental impacts as:

  • Fuel consumption related to transport of products to customers
  • On-site energy consumption
  • On-site waste management (predominantly transit and supply chain packaging)

However, we are also aware of the impact our products can have on the environment. If you would like to know more about how some of our Exclusive Brand products have changed to reduce their impact on the environment, view our Sustainability in Action.

At BCHS, we continue to look for new product innovations that help improve efficiency and offer more environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. See our latest release of Innov8, where you can find out about the exciting new products being developed through our supply chain.

At BCHS, we see sustainability in three forms; Planet, People and Sustainable Solutions. 


Waste Management

BCHS works with customers and suppliers to promote waste reduction through the elimination of transit packaging. The company seeks to identify opportunities to substitute to more environmentally responsible packaging with new developments in materials. BCHS also make use of inbound packaging for outbound deliveries so few new boxes are required.

In 2020 we diverted 97% of our waste from landfill and we bale all of our plastic and cardboard waste to be recycled. We are continually looking for better ways to prevent waste from going to landfill.

As a group, Bunzl Plc makes stock donations throughout the year, which prevents retired lines from going to waste. At BCHS, these donations are made to Emmaus, where it can help to support their efforts to create supported living accommodation and training for the homeless. In 2019, we donated over £78,000 of stock to Emmaus UK which would have otherwise been thrown away.

Carbon Footprint

Our total Scope 1 & 2 emissions have fallen by 11% since 2018, with our carbon emission intensity falling by 8.9% 2019-2020.

The majority of our Scope 1 emissions come from fuel used for our commercial and company vehicles, however, this has fallen year-on-year since 2017. We are working on ways we can continue to drive emissions reductions throughout our operation.

We can inform customers of the CO2 emissions associated with their deliveries using our CO2 Delivery Calculator. With this tool, we can help customers monitor these emissions and create smarter ordering profiles to reduce them. This also enables us to show customers monthly changes in our emissions intensity.


Our use of water is primarily confined to workplace cleaning and hygiene purposes. As such, our water use and related emissions are minimal.

Fuel Consumption

Our fuel consumption has fallen 26.2% since 2011, seeing a 6.7% reduction from 2019, due to more homeworking, changes in customer behaviour and the use of telematics. We utilise a vehicle telematics and route optimisation system called Verizon Connect throughout our fleet to plan efficient delivery routes. BCHS works with customers to create smarter ordering profiles by minimising the number of small orders placed, which aids the reduction of CO2 emissions associated with our deliveries.

We regularly renew our fleet to ensure our operations continue to make use of improvements in emissions and efficiency technology. In some cases, we now use third party carriers for deliveries where it is more cost-effective, whilst continuing to invest in innovative ways we can reduce our fuel consumption.

We now have two 18 tonne HGVs fitted with solar film matting to power the tail lift and in-cab comforts, which removes the need for the vehicle to be kept idling. This solar film matting could help us see a 5% improvement in fuel economy, lowering CO2 emissions by 4 tonnes per vehicle each year

Energy Consumption

We have seen an overall reduction in gas and electric consumption since 2011, with 16.2% overall reduction from 2011 to 2020.

We have continued to implement a number of measures to reduce electricity consumption including the installation of LED lighting with PIR sensors to minimise electricity usage, where there is sufficient time left on the building lease. We also work to make sure our new service centres make the most of natural light and meet higher energy efficiency standards. 100% of our electricity is now sourced from renewable zero carbon sources which include solar and wind.

We are required to report the emissions from our electricity (Scope 2) based on the average energy mix in the UK national grid, however, we buy electricity with guaranteed origin which means we are also able to report on the actual emissions from our supplier. Our 100% renewable-sourced electricity comes from a mix of solar, wind, hydroelectric and bioenergy at 0g CO2 per kWh!


Charity Partnership

We have chosen to continue to support Emmaus in 2020 after raising £23,462 for the charity in 2019. Our total donations over our 2 year partnership, including generous support from our suppliers, comes to £153,379.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic has had a marked impact on all of our lives. BCHS are proud to have been able to support Emmaus throughout with numerous and continuing donations of PPE, cleaning and hygiene supplies that were otherwise unavailable on supermarket shelves.

Emmaus communities don’t just offer a bed for the night, they offer a home for as long as someone needs it, as well as meaningful work in their social enterprises. This opportunity, to become part of a community and make a contribution to it, plays an important role in restoring self-esteem and helping Emmaus companions to find a way to overcome homelessness in the long term.

If you’d like to know more you can visit Emmaus’ website.


At BCHS, every employee is able to take one day’s paid volunteering leave to support a cause of their choice, which could be going to a local school, spending a day with Emmaus or supporting any other charitable event/cause that they choose. This means there are 3400 hours of action that can be taken every year.

BCHS Wellness Toolkit

Our employees have access to several benefits intended to support mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

The Employee Assistance Programme ensures our employees always have support available for their mental health and wellbeing, whether it’s about personal, work, relationship or family matters or daily living or life events.

Neyber is a free financial education and support service. Employees have access to affordable loans, which can be repaid straight from a team member’s salary for better financial wellbeing.

Professional Development

Yelp is an online training portal where employees have access to thousands of online courses. They are able to develop their talent professionally and personally without the need to travel to training centres. Courses available vary from corporate responsibility, to maths, management and sales skills.

Staff also have access to the Supply Chain Sustainability School to utilise a wealth of online training resources. The digital library contains thousands of courses with key topics including, Energy & Carbon, Air Quality, Fairness, Inclusion & Respect, Social Value, and Waste & Resource Efficiency.

Inspiring Women in Bunzl

Bunzl Plc has recently launched ‘Inspiring Women in Bunzl’ (IWIB), which aims to be the catalyst for Bunzl to lead the way in creating a supportive and empowering culture for women to achieve their goals. IWIB has fostered a network of women, identified as having the potential to advance into leadership roles, and is focused on nurturing a pipeline of confident and talented women who can progress their careers alongside their male colleagues. Every member of the group has worked hard to engage the leaders of their operating companies and we have already seen an increase in the proportion of director roles held by women.

In 2017, 11% of employees at senior management level were female. By 2019, this had increased to 14%. In 2020, Bunzl Plc intend to broaden the networks for women in Bunzl by introducing regional IWIB groups and provide focused development interventions for high potential women.

Inspiring Ethnicity in Bunzl

It is vitally important that everyone in Bunzl knows that racism, prejudice, or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated, and the wellbeing, health and safety of our People remains our top priority.

Bringing together a core teams of Bunzl colleagues from diverse backgrounds, the IEIB Group will work to build a robust approach to diversity and inclusion in BUKI. The Group will be looking to understand how and where we can affect change for the better and hope to initiate a meaningful transformation in the business.

Sustainable Solutions

Carbon Emission Reduction

BCHS are now able to offer our customers the opportunity to participate in Carbon Offsetto offset the emissions associated with their deliveries through verified schemes in partnership with Carbon Forecast. This makes the deliveries from our branches to their sites carbon neutral in an effort to improve the efficiency of our service and support our customers’ sustainability strategies. Using Carbon Forecast, we can apportion our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to participating customers and project the impact of working together on our carbon footprint.

We already work with customers to encourage placing fewer large orders, rather than lots of small orders, which helps to reduce the emissions associated with fulfilling those orders from our branches and our fleet. However, Carbon Offset enables us to improve our operational efficiency, reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and account for emissions we are currently unable to remove by conditionally offsetting customer delivery emissions following a commitment to create smart ordering profiles and require fewer deliveries.

Product Award

At BCHS, we have been working hard to develop the Product Award. Built with our customers in mind, the Award is intended as a visual indicator of a product’s sustainability to support sustainable decision-making and open up discussions around sustainability in the cleaning & hygiene industry.

We have defined a comprehensive set of criteria across our product categories; Chemicals, Paper, Wiping, Bags and Equipment as well as specific criteria for packaging. These criteria will be used to objectively assess the sustainability of our products against one another and falls into four scoring categories;

- Producer to focus on wellbeing, charitable and environmental initiatives

- Production to account for manufacture and sourcing of the products

- Product to assess the chemicals and materials used within the products

- Packaging to consider materials used to package the products and how they may be disposed of

Plastic Reduction

At BCHS, we can help you reduce the amount of plastic you use by supplying measured dosage cleaning chemicals and wall-mounted dispensers. We supply a range of super concentrate, soluble and bulk cleaning solutions that can easily be made ready-to-use through a refillable pump and trigger spray bottles.

Waste Reduction

Concentrate chemicals will reduce overall packaging consumption, which has an immediate impact on your waste. We are always working with suppliers to find new methods and materials for packaging to enable you to reuse and recycle a larger proportion of your cleaning supplies at the end of their useful life. This includes the launch of our reusable trigger spray bottles that are made from 100% recycling material and able to be completely recycled.

Low Hazard Chemicals

BCHS offers an expanding range of plant- and enzyme-based cleaning solutions. This enables you to select chemicals that pose a minimal threat to life on land and water whilst still being highly effective in use. Many of these products use completely organic or biodegradable ingredients, giving you peace of mind to clean sites safely without the risks of hazard classifications.

Water Saving

We are pleased to be able to bring our customers cleaning supplies that help save water across their varying cleaning needs.

Responsible Sourcing

We carry out regular audits on our suppliers with the support of our Quality Assurance team based in Shanghai. The audits include checks on employees’ terms and conditions of work, customer service capabilities, hygiene management systems and their policies and practices on environmental issues.

Our product options include FSC accredited paper hygiene supplies, EU Ecolabel certified products and chemicals with responsibly sourced palm oil.

Our Sustainable Product Range

OdorBac Tec4 Cleaning Solution 

OdorBac Tec is a powerful concentrated odour eliminator, multi purpose, multi surface cleaning fluid that kills 99% of bacteria.

Cheeky Panda Anti-Bac Bamboo Multi Surface Wipes

Cheeky Panda Anti-Bac Bamboo Multi Surface Wipes

Infused with 99% purified water and eco-certified antibacterial ingredients. Suitable for office environments as a multi-purpose wipe for agile working and hot desk environments. Proudly vegan and never tested on animals. Our wipes are whipped up from biodegradable bamboo (instead of non-biodegradable, ocean-polluting polyester); dermatologically tested, proudly vegan and never (ever) tested on animals. The wipe itself contains no plastic unlike 90% of other wipes on the market, and the packaging is fully recyclable through your household collection or at your local recycling centre.

PVA Hygiene Washroom Cleaner

Designed with the environment in mind, these PVA Hygiene Sachets are designed to be dissolved into water for effective cleaning with no single-use plastic. This Fragrant Toilet Cleaner is sulphamic acid-based with thixotropic properties, which rapidly remove limescale and general soiling from toilets and urinals. The viscous formula clings to vertical surfaces, allowing longer contact time for more effective cleaning.

Cleanline Eco

Cleanline Eco 

Our eco-friendly range of cleaning products Cleanline Eco. Bio-degradable, environmentally friendly ingredients and complaint to current legislations including REACH. All products carry the EU EcoLabel.

EcoWMT Uric Acid Crystal Digestor Urinal Unblocker

EcoWMT Uric Acid Crystal Digestor Urinal Unblocker

Eco-WMT products are 100% environmentally friendly. Being completely free from pathogens, chemicals, biocides, bleaches, and non-synthetic enzymes. No COSHH or PPE is required to use or handle the products. We use specifically formulated bacteria to digest uric deposits and bactophiles to breakdown limescale build-up. Other products are also available to maintain wastewater networks, Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) issues in grease traps and pipework. Eliminating the need for expensive clean outs and eradicating stubborn blockages. Hydrocarbon issues (both long and short chain), managing surface water contamination and whilst being completely safe to aquatic and wildlife.