What is cobotics?

Ever wondered what would happen if you took the very best of humans and machines and combined them – creating a powerful new way of working?

Cobotics is the answer. A smart solution, helping to better manage the efficiency of cleaning teams. Cobots (or, collaborative robots), are operated by and work alongside existing cleaning teams, taking on the heavy laborious tasks they dislike and giving them the time to focus on more vital tasks.

Say hello to Whiz

Meet Whiz – a commercial cobotic vacuum sweeper with AI capabilities.

Whiz frees up time for your cleaners, introducing a reliable coworker that is always working - efficiently cleaning and holistically reporting. It’s smart business.

Whiz can drive value in your business through improved cost and value efficiency. Increase productivity with cost transparency, as industry best practices are demonstrated.

Whiz eliminates complexities by optimising your workforces downtime. You can ensure the right culture is encouraged with Whizz’s eco-friendly image, adding value to the end-customer whilst also helping to create safe environments.



Cutting Edge Technology

Cobot, not robot. Upgrading cleaners to operators and liberating workforces, Whiz frees up cleaning time for more value-adding tasks. Whizz’s Intuitive user interface is easy to operate. Once briefed, Whiz can memorise up to 600 cleaning routes and vacuum 1,500m2 of carpet on a single charge, leaving your cleaners free to focus on more skilled cleaning tasks.

The more you use it, the smarter it gets! Whizz has AI capabilities that improve performance. Whiz can autonomously avoid people and objects as well as go into narrow spaces.

The 2D camera reads the home location code. The LiDAR sensor and the 3D cameras use infrared rays to detect the shape of space and obstacles. and dots the map of the floor surroundings. By detecting thermal information, it is possible to detect objects even in dark places, smoke and fog that are not visible to human eyes.